Airbus A310

Claiming the widest cabin for its length of any Airbus, the chubby A310 isessentitally a truncated version of the A300. Both aircrafl were built by Airbus Industrie, a government-backed European consortium formed in 1970
that posed the first real challenge to Boeing’s supremacy in the jet airliner market.
Its first-born, the A300, was the first widebody certificated for a two man cockpit crew, thus rendering obsolete the traditional flight engineer. The prototype A300B1 flew in October 1972, with two turbofan engines in its underwing pods. The larger, heavier B2 was chosen for production, entering service with Air France in May 1974. It was superseded by the B4, which carried more fuel and had more powerful engines.
The A310 entered service in 1983 and its superior range meant it was used extensively on transatlantic routes. While based on the larger A300 with the same layout, it had a redesigned wing and accommodated 280 passengers. The initial -200 scries was succeeded by the extended-range -300, which made its maiden flight on 8 July 1985 and was distinguishable from the other A310 variants by its conspicuous winglets. The widespread adoption of these aircraft assured Airbus Industrie’s future as a leading airliner manufacturer.