Airbus A380

Cllaimingtobe the most spacious and advanced airliner ever built, the Airbus A380 is the world’s first triple-decked “superjumbo” jet. The only true competitor to the Boeing 747, it has been developed in response to grow ing airport
congestion and overburdened air traffic control systems. There are two models, the A380-800 seating up to 555 passengers, and the -800F freighter. The cockpit is set between the upper and main decks, and its layout, procedures, and handling characteristics are similar to those of other Airbus aircraft. Typically, passengers will be
seated on the two upper decks with freight on the lower; however, some cargo compartments could become shops, lounges, or even casinos.
The A380 will have wider seats and aisles as well as 10-15 per cent more range, lower fuel burn and emissions, and less noise. Although taxiways may need widening, the A380 is compatible with existing runways at most major airports, and its 22-wheel undercarriage ensures that its vast load is spread.
The first A380-800 made its maiden flight in April 2005, but its delivery programme has suffered delays. Service entry, with Singapore Airlines, is due in 2007. Five aircraft are taking part in the test programme.