Boeing 314

The Boeing 314 “Clipper” flying boat was probably the most luxurious passenger aeroplane ever built, This stately giant was
created for Pan American, who wanted an aircraft to carry wealthy passengers in comfort and style on transoceanic routes.
Boeing married the wings and tailplane of their prototype XB-15 long-range bomber with a massive whale-shaped hull to make a flying boat of breathtaking size. The hull provided spacious accommodation for 74 seated passengers or 40 in sleeping berths. These lucky travellers benefited from a plush lounge, dressing rooms, and a dining salon where waiters served gourmet food prepared by on-board chefs.
The first six 314s were delivered in the first half of 1939. Pan American inaugurated a transatlantic mail service in May. followed in
June by the first scheduled passenger service across the North Atlantic. Only three months later the onset of World War II brought the newly established service to an abrupt halt.
Pan Am bought a further six upgraded 314As in 1941, and the flying boats flew through the war in a variety of roles, including
ferrying President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill to top-level wartime meetings. But by the time the war ended, the progress of landplanes had made the flying boat obsolete and Pan American stopped operating 314s in 1946.