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Caproni Ca.60 Transaero

With his Ca.60 Transaero, Italian designer and manufacturer Gianni Caproni produced an over-ambitious monster to set alongside Howard Hughes’s notorious “Spruce Goose”. This weird, ungainly craft was inspired by the dream of aeroplanes replacing ocean liners on the world’s major long-distance passenger routes. An enormous “triple triplane” flying boat, the Ca.60 had no fewer than nine wings, arranged in banks of three. The […]


Caproni Ca.42

Italian aircraft designer and manufacturer Gianni Caproni was an early advocate of strategic bombing. Hundreds of his large Ca.3 series trimotor biplane bombers were used by Italy’s Corpo Aeronautico Militare in raids against Austria-Hungary from the summer of 1915. In 1917 Caproni introduced the Ca.4 series, broadly similar to the Ca.3 but with three wings instead of two and capable of carrying a heavier […]


Caproni Ca.90

The Italian grandissimo six-engine Ca.90 bomber, first flown in 1929, was almost certainly the largest biplane ever built. Designed to carry a 33.000lb bombload and armed with six machine-gun positions for defence against attacking aircraft, the Ca.90 was the closet anyone came to producing the “aerial battleship” envisioned by the controversial Italian military aviation strategist Giulio Douhet. He had imagined bomber fleets attacking […]


Bristol Type 138A

The Type 138A was purpose-built for record-breaking high-altitude flights, which were the object of intensive research and considerable national rivalry in the 1930s. It was commissioned by Britain’s Air Ministry,  which turned to the Bristol Aeroplane Company because its engines Had powered many of the aircraft used in previous attempts on the world altitude record. Designed by Frank S. Barnwell for […]