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English Electric Canberra

The RAF retired its last three English Electric Canberras on 28 July 2006 after more than 55 years’ service. No wonder the Canberra is regarded as one of the most successful of all Britain’s military aircraft. Designed by E.W. Petter, the Canberra was the Royal Air Force’s (RAF’s) first jet bomber. In concept it resembled the famous World War […]


MAcCready Gossamer Albatross

The Grossamer Albatross captured headlines in 1979 when it made the first human-powered fligh across the English Channel. Designed hy American engineer Dr Paul MacCready, the aircraft used pedal-power to drive its large, two-bladed propeller. Appropriately, it was piloted by an amateur cyclist, Bryan Allen, who made the 22 miles and 453 yards crossing in two hours and 49 minutes, at a […]


Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon

Originally developed by General Dynamics, the F-16 became one of the most important fighters of the 2oth century. It was the first fighter to use “fly by – wire” technology, whereby the flight controls are operated via electric signaling through a sidestick in the cockpit. This led to pilots saying, “You don’t fly an F-16, it flies you.” Smaller and cheaper than […]


Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

The gargantuan Lockheed Galaxy transport aircraft is incredible for its sheer size. Ever since the four-engine C-5A was first delivered to the US Air Forces Military Airlift Command in December 1969 it has dwarfed just about every other aeroplane around. Its vast cargo bay can accommodate two main battle tanks, six attack helicopters, or around 260,000lb of supplies. Access is through huge doors that […]


Nasa Dryden Helios

The forerunner of 21st-century solar-powered “atmospheric satellites”, the extraordinary Helios was a remotely piloted flying wing designed for sustained flight at the very edge of space. It was developed by AeroVironment and NASA’s Dryden Research Center to demonstrate sustained flight at almost 100.000 feet, and non-stop flight for at least 24 hours 14 of which had to be above 50,000 feet. Five underwing […]


Sikorsky Bolshoi (“Grand”)

In 1912 Igor Sikorsky, chief engineer at the Russo-Baltic Wagon Works in St Petersburg embarked on the design and construction of the world’s first four-engined aircraft. A huge machine by the standards of the time, it was appropriately named the “Bolshoi” (“Grand”) – although sceptics, convinced that it could never fly, dubbed it the “Petersburg Duck”. Sikorsky proved them wrong on 10 […]


Albatros D.V

Entering service in May 1917, the Alhatros D.V was Germany’s answer to the British S.E.5 and French SPAD fighters, which were dominating the air war on the Western Front. Broadly similar to its forebear, The Albatros D.III, the D.V had an elegantly streamlined monocoque fuselage with a cowled Mercedes water-cooled engine and a large spinner over the propeller boss. It was an […]


Maxim Multiplane

In the 1890s English-domiciled American millionaire Hiram Maxim was in the forefront of inventors convinced that the key to flighl was engine power. He spent £20,000 a substantial part of the fortune he had made out of the Maxim machine-gan-buildings a massive 8,000lb aircraft. With its welded steel – tube airefraime and biplane wings spanning over 100ft, this behemoth was powered […]


Farman III Biplane

The slow but dependable Farma III was the classic pre-World War I biplane,sold around the world. Its creator, Henry (or Henri) Farman, was of English parentage but lived all his life in France. He began his aviation career flying a Voisin hox-kite biplane. After modifying this machine extensively, including fitting ailerons, he used it to make the world’s first true crosscountry flight, […]