Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

The gargantuan Lockheed Galaxy transport aircraft is incredible for its sheer size. Ever since the four-engine C-5A was first delivered to the US Air Forces Military Airlift Command in December 1969 it has dwarfed just about every other aeroplane around.
Its vast cargo bay can accommodate two main battle tanks, six attack helicopters, or around 260,000lb of supplies. Access is through huge doors that open the aircraft from top to bottom an upward-hinged nose visor at the front, and clamshell doors under the rear fuselage.
The General Electric TF39 turhofan, developed specifically for the Galaxy, was once the largest such engine in existence. The aircraft’s “high flotation” landing gear comprises 28 wheels, allowing it to operate successfully even from unpaved airfields.
The Galaxy’s range is an impressive 2,500 miles; with in-flight refuelling, it can carry on around the world until the crew collapse from exhaustion. The C-5A was notably used to ferry US military supplies to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. An improved C-5B model was introduced in the mid – 1980s.
The US Air Force embarked on an ambitious modernization of its Galaxy fleet in the first decade of the -21st century, ensuring the aircraft’s future as a vital contributor to US military logistics.