Lockheed Constellation

Known affectionately as the “Connie”, the Lockheed Constellation was the most graceful of the great four-engine propliners that opened up intercontinental air routes in the immediate postwar years. With its flowing contours and distinctive triple tail, it had a supremely elegant exterior to match its stylish passenger accommodation. Designed by Kelly Johnson, the Constellation originated in 1939 with a request from TWA for a large airliner with a pressurized cabin and supercharged engines.
War interrupted its development and, as a consequence, the Constellation first flew in 1943 as the C-69 military transport.
Immediately after peace broke out, the aircraft was rushed into passenger service by TWA and a clutch of other airlines. TWA
inaugurated the first transatlantic Constellation service between New York and Paris in February 1946, with intermediate stops at Gander, Newfoundland, and Shannon, Ireland.
The airliner’s glamour was brilliantly matched by its performance, carrying up to 60 passengers from San Francisco to New York in 11 hours.
Over the following decade repeated upgrades of this magnificent aircraft progressively increased its range and payload, culminating in the L1649 Starliner  which could carry almost 100 passengers and fly from Los Angeles to London non-stop in just 19 hours.