Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon

Originally developed by General Dynamics, the F-16 became one of the most important fighters of the 2oth century.
It was the first fighter to use “fly by – wire” technology, whereby the flight controls are operated via electric signaling through a sidestick in the cockpit. This led to pilots saying, “You don’t fly an F-16, it flies you.” Smaller and cheaper than the F-15, the F-16 it is an extremely manoeuvrable and versatile aircraft. As a result, it is a superb dogfighter, and its large, clear canopy gives the pilot an outstanding all-round view. The excellent F-16 also has a ground-attack capability. Nicknamed the “Viper”, it has a mid-wing design with a blended wing/body and a cropped delta winy.
The prototype first flew in February 1974, but the F- 16A and F-16B trainer pntduction aircraft, delivered from 1979, were larger with greater fuel capacity. As well as serving with the US Air Force, t he F-16 was acquired by
many other nations, including NATO allies. Continuous upgrades and improvements to the aircraft’s engine, systems, and equipment produced numerous variants, including the specialist F-16 air defence fighter for the US
Air Force, armed with the AIM-7 missile. F- 16s have participated in numerous conflicts, most of them in the Middle East.