McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

The American-built F-15 is regarded as the most formidable air-superiority fighter and interceptor in the world. Designed to replace the US Air Force’s (USAF’s) F-4 Phantom II, it excels in beyond-visual-range air-to-air missions and attack. Highly manoeuvrable and super-fast (up to Mach 2.5), it can deploy from the United States as far as Europe without refueling.
The F-15 has advanced aerodynamics and uses titanium extensively in its airframe. This, combined with its powerful Pratt & Whitney engines, enables it to sustain high speeds at high altitudes – it can climb an incredible 30,000ft in around 60 seconds. Sophisticated weapons systems guide its eight missiles and aim its internal 20mm Vulcan rotary cannon.
Deliveries of the F-15A started in November 1974; six single- and twin-seat variants followed, which were used by various air forces around the world, including Israel, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. During a memorable Israeli Air Force
training dogfight in 1983, an F-15D variant proved it could still land after the spectacular loss of one wing. And in 1985 an F-15A was dispatched by the USAF to destroy an orbiting satellite, leading its pilot. Major General Doug
Pearson, to say, “Even space is no longer a safe zone from the mighty Eagle.”