Messerschmitt Bf 109

Designed by Willy Messcrschmitt. the Bf 109 fighter was the greal
adversary of the Hurricane and Spitfire during the Battle of Britain.
When it first flew, in September 1935, the lightweight Bf 109 was probably the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft, made entirely of metal, with a retractable undercarriage and an enclosed cockpit.
Blooded with the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War. the Bf 109 proved a good gun platform, steady and fast in combat, but it took considerable strength to pull it out of a dive and had a tendency to swing to port in take-off and landing.
Combined with an unsatisfactory narrow undercarriage, this caused
around one in 20 Messerschmitts to be written off in landing accidents.
The Bf 109E, the variant that fought in the Battle of Britain, had a 20mm cannon firing through its propeller spinner. Operating at the
limit of its range over southern England, it proved more than a match for the RAF fighters. It was faster in a dive than the Hurricane of Spit lire and capable of impressive high-g turns. Later versions included
the aerodynamically refined Bf 109F and the Bf 109. Some 35,000 of all marks were built in total.