Mikoyan & Guryevich MiG-21

A classic dogfighter and interceptor, the MiG-21 has probably seen more combat
than any other modern fighter, having taken part in at least 30 shooting wars. It was the
first Soviet aircraft capable of Mach 2 in level flight, and became ubiquitous in the air forces
of the Soviet Union and its allies throughout the 1960s and 70s.
Its encounters with American F-4s in Vietnam revealed0 fascinating contrast of design concepts. While the United States opted for a complex, heavy two seater packed with electronic equipment, the Soviet MiG was a stripped-down, single-seat, single-engine fighter, armed with just a couple of missiles, a cannon, and a basic radar. However, its exceptional agility frequently allowed it to outmanoeuvre its more powerful and sophisticated opponent. It generally handled well, despite being prone to mild snaking that could cause stalls and surges in the compressor of its Tumanskii turbojet.
Cheap to produce and easy to maintain, the MiG-21 found ready markets throughout the world. The aircraft evolved over time, acquiring a more powerful engine, more advanced radar, increased fuel capacity, and more missile armament. But it remained a reliable, affordable high-performance fighter. MiG-21S Served with no fewer than 56 air forces worldwide, and many were still operational in the early 21st century.