Sukhoi Su-27

An old hand at dazzling air show spectators all over the world, the supersonic Sukhoi Su-27 is astonishingly agile for its size. However, this potent long-range air-superiority fighter presented serious problems during tests in its original form as the T10. Seven prototypes and a complete redesign later, it emerged with a brand new wing, undercarriage, and fuselage, as well as a large air brake on its spine.
It entered production in 1985 as the new jewel of the Soviet Air Force, more than able to match its plucky American rival, the F-15 Eagle. Built in large numbers for the Soviet Air Force, it was a significant advance over previous generations of Soviet fighters.
The Su-27’s advanced avionics make it a formidable opponent, able to tackle low-flying aircraft and cruise missiles. Il has a 30mm cannon in its starboard wing root, and can carry up to ten air-to-air missiles.
The Su-27PD variant was a dedicated aerobatic-display aircraft, while I he Su-27SK and Su-27SMK are export versions. Some 550 Su-27’s were built.
Many remain in service with Russia and various other powers, including China, Syria, and Vietnam.